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In Hours of Despair

from by Descend



Broken down, sacrificed
A life full of pointless rituals
Betrayed, unjustified
Experience in life denied

Imperfect human being refining havoc
Demanding, controlling
Full potential cast aside
Decaying, rebuilding
Becoming impenetrable
The last one will suffer the pain of the first

Pass judgement upon those who stray from the predetermined path
Wasting their lives for an obsolete purpose
Denying themselves our bliss

Lead: Lindström

Follow me and have a taste of joy
Close your eyes and take that one first step
Follow me and you will be the same
Make the wrong choice and it was all in vain

The traces have faded, it's getting dark outside
Nothing to be seen, can you be sure you made right decision?
When everyone seems to know exactly where to go
I stumble around blindly, deaf and dumb
This love for a sacred tomorrow, where everything is safe, holds a rancid smell
My limbs corroded, my sinews rusted
With every single motion my muscles seem to snap

You abandoned me, left me to rot
In hours of despair I writhed in pain
But I endured and I improved, became what you despise
It should be your time to learn that
This love for a sacred tomorrow, where some are deemed to die, holds a rancid smell
Their limbs corroded, their sinews rusted
With every single motion their muscles snapped

Lead: Wijkman


from Wither, released January 24, 2014
Music by: Lindström, Wijkman, Persson, Farhadian L.
Lyrics by: Farhadian L.


all rights reserved



Descend Stockholm, Sweden

Descend is a progressive death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.

Formed 2003, the current line-up dates back to 2008:

Nima Farhadian Langroudi - Vocals
Andreas Lindström - Guitars
Alex Wijkman - Guitars
Jonathan Persson - Drums
Justin Biggs - Bass
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