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from by Descend



And everything that was said was nothing but lies
One master plan, a grin in disguise
I never flinched and never shed a tear
Oh, curse the one who has for long
Been spitting poison at his beloved
A treacherous mind
This deceiving reality will retaliate

Will I be the one suffering? Only time will tell
This so called sophisticated mind is slowly rotting
Becoming one with the earth
Crawling with the maggots on filthy holy ground
I always thought I would reach my sanctuary
But only piss was found

Trying to mimic my former self
I stand now in front of the pendulum of time
Seeking for hope that failed
In the end everything was clear
I only saw the evil in me, the devil in me

I will be the one suffering
That is what time will tell
One thought kept so long, too long
Smouldering, soon to be fire

One frail body
One perfect intent was buried under ground
I always thought I would reach my sanctuary
But only piss was found

Lead: Lindström

My skin, like leaves in the autumn
Withers away, leaving no trace behind
Silently sweeping, constantly seeking one cause for redemption
The trail of life has lost its way but will return at the birth of the twilight
Bringing of the first born, congenitally flawed

Leaving no trace behind...

Lead: Lindström


from Wither, released January 24, 2014
Music by: Lindström, Farhadian L., Persson, Wijkman
Lyrics by: Farhadian L.


all rights reserved



Descend Stockholm, Sweden

Descend is a progressive death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.

Formed 2003, the current line-up dates back to 2008:

Nima Farhadian Langroudi - Vocals
Andreas Lindström - Guitars
Alex Wijkman - Guitars
Jonathan Persson - Drums
Justin Biggs - Bass
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