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by Descend

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With masterful compositions and technical brilliance, WITHER takes progressive death metal to a whole new level.

From heavy tuned down riffs and growling to acoustic guitars and clean singing, the music takes you on a journey through a variety of styles showing a skill and passion that is rarely seen.

Combined with top of the line recording, mixing and mastering the quality of the album is in the top few percent of the world.

Featuring 8 tracks and 57 minutes of awesome, this is the epitome of the genre.


Digital download is available as 24 bit audiophile version.

For physical copies of this album we refer to Inverse Records: www.inverse.fi/shop/catalog/


released January 24, 2014

Recorded late summer 2012 at Legacy London, United Kingdom

Produced by Descend and Joseph Smythe
Mastered by Matt Hyde

Album cover by Emil Maxén, maxenart.com

All music written and arranged by Descend


all rights reserved



Descend Stockholm, Sweden

Descend is a progressive death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.

Formed 2003, the current line-up dates back to 2008:

Nima Farhadian Langroudi - Vocals
Andreas Lindström - Guitars
Alex Wijkman - Guitars
Jonathan Persson - Drums
Justin Biggs - Bass
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Track Name: Confined by Evil
I am an empty puppet
And soon I'm the one in charge
Let the battle begin
You'll drown in blood

Accept, I fought and I conquered the throne
It righteously belongs to me
It's not to be taken away from me so easily

The time has come for the will of all to be gone
Disobedience will not be tolerated
From now on you will all speak of me with dread
For I am the only one, I am your master

I am in sickness and health
The one you will submit to
And now don't turn around
There's no going back

I am fear, wielder of the black darkness
The aftermath of my terror is nothing but death
You ignored to see what was so clear and this is your punishment
Death is your punishment

I am fear
Death, a relief

You can call me what you want
You just let go of your will and I won't release my wrath
The seven plagues

I am the one, the merciless
Your world will be washed away
You'll hear my masterpiece
The death symphony

Lead: Lindström
Track Name: The Rancorous Paradigm
Enter the era of vain
Serenity lost, the vicious will reign
Embracement of your spiteful egos, the last one of your kind
Accolades to conceit, obfuscation of the mind

Crowning the glorious creation
Evolved into a beast of devastation
Will is lost to a greater desire, the powers within reach
Draining hope of the absent-minded as altruism depletes

Lead: Lindström

Follow now the will of affinity jaded
Rotten to the core, the tolerance faded
Bred from the spawn of a species forlorn
Shards of mankind shattered and torn

Rejected and cast down from the source of our beliefs
The elder writings and the creatures of deceit
Despise all meaning of their pitiful ways
Forgotten and silent in their unmarked graves

Sacrilegious human debris
An offering to the gods of greed
Lying in wait for the ancients to rise
Breathing death and everlasting demise

As you wither away into the blackened shrines
The ones at power a nocturnal divine
A celebration to our greatest deed
Let the feeble rot
Now kill to feed

Fires burn at the heart of your delusion
Failed to see the staring eyes of guilt
Your wicked mind has now reached the conclusion
As the searing void runs you through

Final dying words of a cosmos set aflame
Long forgotten keys to avoid the ardent pain
Bringing forth the full reach of your poison need
Forfeit attempt to halt Armageddon

Once risen as the breed in triumph
A paradigm of rancor, self-inflicted failure
No new beginning
No meaning will be seen
The fall of all marks closure to the cycle

Lead: Wijkman
Track Name: In Hours of Despair
Broken down, sacrificed
A life full of pointless rituals
Betrayed, unjustified
Experience in life denied

Imperfect human being refining havoc
Demanding, controlling
Full potential cast aside
Decaying, rebuilding
Becoming impenetrable
The last one will suffer the pain of the first

Pass judgement upon those who stray from the predetermined path
Wasting their lives for an obsolete purpose
Denying themselves our bliss

Lead: Lindström

Follow me and have a taste of joy
Close your eyes and take that one first step
Follow me and you will be the same
Make the wrong choice and it was all in vain

The traces have faded, it's getting dark outside
Nothing to be seen, can you be sure you made right decision?
When everyone seems to know exactly where to go
I stumble around blindly, deaf and dumb
This love for a sacred tomorrow, where everything is safe, holds a rancid smell
My limbs corroded, my sinews rusted
With every single motion my muscles seem to snap

You abandoned me, left me to rot
In hours of despair I writhed in pain
But I endured and I improved, became what you despise
It should be your time to learn that
This love for a sacred tomorrow, where some are deemed to die, holds a rancid smell
Their limbs corroded, their sinews rusted
With every single motion their muscles snapped

Lead: Wijkman
Track Name: Severance
One push, one edge
One echo as you fall
Captured by the arms of foolishness

I feel life consuming me as I'm sinking in the quicksand
What is this nightmare? I can't wake up
Welcome to reality

Ripped apart flesh from bone
Severed mind from body
Now another empty flawless piece of artwork worthy of the time
But no, not until it's you

Incarcerated, 'til the final glimpse of light we're locked inside
Walking egos, everything comes with a price

Lead: Wijkman
Track Name: Wither
Track Name: Diabolic
And everything that was said was nothing but lies
One master plan, a grin in disguise
I never flinched and never shed a tear
Oh, curse the one who has for long
Been spitting poison at his beloved
A treacherous mind
This deceiving reality will retaliate

Will I be the one suffering? Only time will tell
This so called sophisticated mind is slowly rotting
Becoming one with the earth
Crawling with the maggots on filthy holy ground
I always thought I would reach my sanctuary
But only piss was found

Trying to mimic my former self
I stand now in front of the pendulum of time
Seeking for hope that failed
In the end everything was clear
I only saw the evil in me, the devil in me

I will be the one suffering
That is what time will tell
One thought kept so long, too long
Smouldering, soon to be fire

One frail body
One perfect intent was buried under ground
I always thought I would reach my sanctuary
But only piss was found

Lead: Lindström

My skin, like leaves in the autumn
Withers away, leaving no trace behind
Silently sweeping, constantly seeking one cause for redemption
The trail of life has lost its way but will return at the birth of the twilight
Bringing of the first born, congenitally flawed

Leaving no trace behind...

Lead: Lindström
Track Name: From Grace to Grave
Running from grace to grave
Turning my head away from the sun
The earth shakes, splits in two
I'm standing in between
Which side do I choose?

Inside me, thrust to the ground, my spirit awaits sudden death
I can't distinguish real from fake
I'm near the absolute, the final stage

And though the fangs carve deep
Not one single drop but confusion is raining
Confusion from inclusion, giving the illusion that we are
One perfect struggle between fear and courage
The scale won't tip 'til one of us leaves
Confusion from inclusion, giving the illusion that we are one

Lead: Lindström

Running from grace to grave
Turning my head away from the sun
Last step, I falter
I spread my wings and I fly
My journey has just begun

I take off and I feel the pressure to make it alone in this world
And when I fall astray I remind myself what you have said
I gather my strength and I seek my way back
But I don't see the fire
Burning my wings
I drop to the ground
Track Name: Sundown
Staring right back at you, feels like I'm breathing smog
This one you can't wait out
My pulse increasing steadily, hatred is building up inside
Humanity ceases to exist

Boiling with rage, an anger never felt before
My thoughts are torn to shreds
Red is dripping down my canvas, an art form never seen before
In time everyone will know

I feel adrenaline, the pounding war drum
Channeling darkness, dehumanizing

Reign in chaos, an atmosphere filled with hate
Dare not trespass the forbidden gate

One force so strong upon me
Drawing closer, I cannot escape
I fall into tranquil emptiness
Feeling nothing, seeing nothing

One knife through flesh
The vessel dropped dead
Mutilated, inanimated
Eyes staring into oblivion
Never to see light again

As I float around in space it grows stronger
The urge to get back
Sundown is yet another nightmare to come
The awakening

The cries, the endless cries
Twitching limbs in front of my eyes
Behind bars I stay as I start to decay
In time light will be shed over me

Lead: Wijkman